Why Use A Tenant Broker

Using the experience of a Tenant Representative will allow you to level the playing field when dealing with landlords. While most Tenants only lease or purchase commercial real estate every five or ten years, Landlords are immersed in the “process” on a daily basis. A good Tenant Representative will help you achieve your business goals, not the Landlord’s, in order to save you money on your lease or purchase. Discover how the Exclusive Tenant Representation Team at Catalyst Commercial Group can help you effectively implement your organization’s real estate initiatives.

Remember, Landlords are experts at being Landlords – Tenants have their own businesses to operate and typically do not have the time or resources (i.e.; lease comps, in-depth understanding of current market conditions, etc.) to compete on a level playing field. Most corporations and franchisors use exclusive Tenant Representatives for new sites, lease renewals and store relocations because it saves them money!


  • We Will Save You Money: At CCG, we know the industry better than anyone out there and, as such, will be able to most effectively negotiate the economic terms of your deal. Just as you wouldn’t attempt to file a lawsuit or perform a major surgical procedure without the assistance of qualified professionals, the intricacies and nuances of commercial leasing are equally complex and best handled by experts. Let us put you in the best possible position for long-term success.


  • We Can Save You Time – Lots of It: As your Tenant Representation experts, we will do all of the heavy lifting for you – from strategic site evaluation, market analysis, comparative site analysis, Letter of Intent (LOI) and lease negotiation, etc. We’ll also coordinate with your architect, contractor, and attorney to make the entire process as painless as possible for you.


  • We Will Enable You to Avoid a Major Conflict of Interest: Almost every broker in the commercial retail industry represents multiple landlords, which means that every time they work with a Tenant, there is potentially a HUGE conflict of interest. It is extremely difficult for listing brokers such as these to truly negotiate in a Tenant’s best interest, as every landlord is a current/potential client. By avoiding this conflict altogether, we are positioned to negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.


  • We Will Allow You to See Every Available Site: Because we do not represent any landlords, we will show you every site that could potentially be a fit, rather than just those that are represented or owned by a specific company.


  • We Will Find the Location That Is Right for You: As Tenant Representation experts, we truly understand what makes a great site great. After understanding your objectives and concerns, we sort through the preliminary options, and begin a detailed evaluation using both objective and subjective criteria. We look beyond the rental rates, terms and conditions and pull each possibility apart before presenting it to you.


  • We Work for Free (Free to You, at Least): In almost every instance, Landlords pay a commission to their brokers and require them to share that fee with the brokers that represent the tenants (that’s us). That means Landlords actually pay us to represent you!